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AWS Architecture

The AWS platform handles demanding requirements for virtually any application.

AWS Architecture

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a broad set of products and services you can use as building blocks to run sophisticated and scalable applications. Running your applications in the AWS Cloud can help you move faster, operate more securely, and save substantial costs; all while benefitting from the scale and performance of the cloud.


Reliable, highly scalable, and low cost website and web application hosting.

Backup and Recovery

Durable, cost-effective options for backup and disaster recovery.


Affordable solutions for data archiving from gigabytes to petabytes.



Rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using DevOps practices.

Big Data

Build and deploy highly scalable and secure Big Data applications fast.

Serverless Computing

Build and run applications without thinking about servers.


High Performance Computing

Enhanced networking and cloud-scale clusters for complex problems.

Internet of Things

Easily scale to billions of devices and trillions of messages.

Business Applications

Simplify management and lower the cost of existing business applications.


Content Delivery

Accelerate websites, APIs, and video content.

Mobile Services

A range of services to help you develop mobile apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of users globally.

Scientific Computing

Analyze, store, and share massive data sets.

Solutions by Industry Sector

With over 1 million monthly active customers across every industry, AWS has the proven capability to meet your specific business needs for scale, operations, security, and compliance.

Financial Services

Develop secure and innovative solutions to increase customer and shareholder value.

Digital Marketing

Drive your digital marketing business with flexible, highly scalable, elastic and low cost solutions to build on.

Media and Entertainment

Solutions for ingesting, processing, storing, delivering and analyzing all of your video and media content.



Services to enable game development, across all genres and platforms, from AAA games to small independent studios.

Enterprise IT

A mature set of services specifically designed for the unique requirements of large enterprises.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Solutions for increasing the pace of innovation, data lifecycle management, incorporating new technology into care delivery, and improving security and compliance.



Services designed to help government agencies modernize, meet mandates, #0589dcuce costs, drive efficiencies and deliver mission outcomes.


Services enabling more mission for the money and ways to minimize costs, optimize scale and donor engagement to further nonprofits and NGOs serving their causes.


Solutions to help facilitate teaching, learning, student engagement and better learning outcomes as well as modernized enterprise wide IT operations.


Accuserves is a true and seamless back-end development partner.

As a leading web design company with over ten years experience of the team, we create high quality mobile & web friendly websites that engage and connect with visitors and convert those visitors into long term customers… because we really do know how web design works and we know what a great website has to do in order to deliver to you the best Return On Investment.

  • It is recognized for its expertise in building web based data management
  • Accuserves delivers custom software development solutions and IT.
  • Accuserves is a true and seamless back-end servicing startups, SMBs.
  • Accuserves's industry specific technology experts develop custom software solutions to help your business grow.

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We help you create any website quickly a pixel perfect flexibility and performance.
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